Fish Fuel 100% Natural
Frozen Fish Food

Our Ingredients are the best

We all love our pets and want to give them the best. That’s why at the Fish Fuel Company, only the best ingredients go into our top quality fish foods and turtle foods. So apart from krill and bloodworm etc, which are specially harvested for our top quality fish foods, all other ingredients are first grade produce from the same suppliers your dinner comes from.

So you can be sure that premium Fish Fuel Co. fish foods and turtle foods provide your pets with balanced nutrition from the types of protein that aquatic animals enjoy in their natural environment. We never use second grade ingredients or animal by-products.

Conveniently, all these essential ingredients are in one simple pack. So you don’t need to buy or store multiple types of food for your fish or turtles because Fish Fuel Co. foods contain everything your fish or turtles need to ensure a happy, healthy life.

We work with the best

Fish Fuel Co. is the Australian company that pioneered the original frozen fish and turtle food blister packs. We’ve been producing Australia’s best frozen fish and turtle food for over 22 years, constantly developing and improving our products.

We are proud to work with leading animal nutrition company Wombaroo to specially develop the vitamin and mineral formula used in all our products. A big thank you goes to all the great people at Wombaroo.

Axolotl Food

Ideal for: All Axolotls. Fish Fuel Co. Axolotl food contains everything your axolotl needs for optimum health in one simple pack. It provides a staple diet containing essential protein from premium quality fish, Molluscs and crustaceans. Our Axolotl f… Read more

Baby Turtle Food

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Cichlid Food

Ideal for: Cichlid. Larger carnivorous and omnivorous cichlids love Fish Fuel Co Cichlid Food. It contains chunkier pieces of selected top grade vegetables and premium protein from a variety of molluscs, crustaceans, fish and trimmed hearts. Fish Fue… Read more

Community Food

Ideal for: All carnivorous and omnivorous freshwater and saltwater fish, from Neons and Platys to Gouramis and Discus. Fish Fuel Co. Community Food contains everything your fish need for optimum health plus Astaxanthin, a natural colour enhancer, so that y… Read more

Discus Food

Ideal for: Discus. Fish Fuel Co. Discus Food is specially formulated for Discus fish, providing all the nutrients for good growth and healthy, happy fish as well as Astaxanthin, a natural colour enhancer, to ensure your discus look their best. This pr… Read more

Goldfish Food

Ideal for: All goldfish. Fish Fuel Co. Goldfish Food is high in fibre and vegetable content while also containing essential protein from premium quality fish, molluscs and crustaceans. This quality Goldfish Food also contains a multi-vitamins and mi… Read more

Marine Food

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Marine Green

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Turtle Food

Ideal for: Adult carnivorous and omnivorous turtles. Fish Fuel Co Turtle Food provides a premium quality, complete and balanced diet for adult carnivorous and omnivorous turtles. We carefully select our Turtle Food’s premium ingredients so we can pro… Read more

Turtle Veg

Ideal for: mature omnivorous turtles such as the Macquarie Turtle or Murray Short Necked Turtle. At Fish Fuel Co. we’ve specially formulated our Turtle Veg to provide a complete and balanced diet for mature omnivorous turtles. After many species of t… Read more