We buy only the best ingredients for our fish and turtle food.


Fish Fuel Co. is the proud Australian company that pioneered the original frozen fish and turtle food blister packs back in 1990.

We’ve been producing Australia’s best frozen fish and turtle food for over 30 years, constantly developing and improving our products along the way.

Fish Fuel Co. is proud to work with leading animal nutrition company Wombaroo to specially develop the vitamin and mineral formula used in all our products. A big thank you to all the wonderful people at Wombaroo.

A big thank you also goes to leading turtle breeders John Bannear and David Griffith, with whom we have worked closely over the years. John has been breeding turtles for 40 years and David for over 25 years, so they know what’s best for their turtles and raise their precious babies on Fish Fuel Co. Baby Turtle Food. John and David supply many of the turtles sold in pet stores around Australia.

We buy only the very best ingredients for our fish and turtle foods. In fact, if we hadn’t have bought it first, most of the ingredients in Fish Fuel Company’s fish and turtle food could have ended up on your dinner plate.


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